Coastal Melt EP

by Barn Farm



my first attempt at using the 8-track reel to reel


released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Barn Farm Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: In the Sound
Another winter, another night-time friend
Re-up in darkness when we're on the mend
The well cannot get ahead
Only here can we ever freely tread
Til we fade it out again

Up nights we miss the dawn
Upright it seems far gone
Feebly alarmed

Shelter God
In the sound
Take our hearts
Bleed our drums

Drown our guns
Dull the knife
Tame the mind
And the mouth shut tight
O! Can we ever get it right
O! Can we sleep through the night
And awake to the light

Another winter, another darkness, friend
Track Name: Stop My Head
Six feet high
Dropping dead
With you and I
Looking on

The world outside
Is meat and bread
But here am I
Almost gone

Can anyone?
Stop my head
Can anyone?
Stop my head

Cherry pie
And sliced regret
Lick my plate
and call collect

Same old words
On the other line
"Take some time
Take it off your mind"

Burning thoughts like saintly candles
Smoking out my worn atlas
Raging waters coaxing under
Standing at the brink of it
Track Name: Coastal Melt
It's easy to get breathless
A fading vision of thyself
Where am I to go?
When I'm getting restless
Easing no pain
And having none to gain
To feel more or lesser

High tide, high time, high (t)reason
A telling tremor 'fore the quake
Where am I to go?
When the ground splits open
Swallowing the plain
Liquify the coast
And we, the coastal race

Sand in our bones in the sand in our bones
Lining the coastline