Cheetah Safari

by Barn Farm



released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Barn Farm Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Kind of Like Dreaming
Feeling some
Kind of like you're dreaming
In the day time
Winning some
Losing all my time
In a line
Shines ahead
Radiant as the first time I saw reason
To stay in bed
And know it's not the last time
I will see you again

Know you
To be interested
Know you
To be elusive
Know you
To always keep it together
Track Name: Calendars
How long have I spent wondering
Where you are
And where I'm going?
When hands are holding under me
An even force for each occasion

Calendars we are
We far-fetching beings gone away
Completing mais
To the airwaves

Meet me there, far away
When I am different in measured ways
Home staid

Home strayed
Too complicated
Matter wasted
Polishing a weighted crater
In the chain link string I made to climb out

Gaping teeth
Smiling cocoa whitening
Listening intently

Want to kick the maker?

The last thing I was thinking
In the evening we made
Track Name: Hear the Hum
Clean up
Signals are numb
The fictional hum
It's more fun

It's illicit
Not done
With contrition

Hello, nice to meet you
You look like a sentient
Can we discuss a matter
Quite close to transparent?

Don't shrug me off
I'm not that tough

It comes along
Who really knows?
Ok alone
Who really knows?
What's alien
Who really knows?
Baracading our insides

Reaching in close
Track Name: Absynthesizer
I've got an elixir
I drank it down
I became a fixture
On this side of town
I read in newspapers
That you died from a plot
Ask me about it later

This is the way to think sometimes

There is a place for you to be
Everything that you want to be
It starts with you
It starts with me

I've got a cadaver
Its eyes see no more
This kind of plot was
Executed night before
They say I won't find him
They cry and deplore
I say I know better

Don't let the kids outside